Fall Fever

November 3, 2014

Whoever said spring is the season when a young heart’s fancy turns to thoughts of love obviously never experienced Central Oregon in the fall.How can a heart of any age not be stirred by the sight of golden aspen and fiery vine maple against a majestic backdrop of Ponderosa pines? What enhances romance like fresh apple pie, pumpkin spice lattes, butternut squash and other robust flavors of fall? And is there anything more uplifting than the first glimpse of snow on the Cascades, signifying that the joys of winter will be back with us soon?
It’s no wonder so many people like you claim fall as their favorite season here. When you look around, no place captures the wonders of fall like Tripleknot Townhomes.
Set in the rolling Cascade foothills of Tetherow on the far west side of Bend, Tripleknot offers stunning views of the Cascades, as well as easy access to the hiking and biking trails that offer plenty of solitude at this time of year.
Yet, for all of its connections to nature, Tripleknot is only three roundabouts from the many cultural and culinary delights of downtown Bend. Plus, it gives you time to enjoy them all by taking care of routine maintenance.
That explains why our beautifully designed one- and two-story floor plans continue to sell at an astonishing pace. Since opening Phase II just three months ago, more than half of our offerings have already been claimed.
So don’t wait another day to fall in love with the neighborhood that loves fall as much as you do.