The bright side about having a snowless winter

January 8, 2014

By Dusty Trails

It’s been rather depressing for snow enthusiasts to be dodging rocks on Cliffhanger and sliding down ice on the nordic trails. The great news is that after weeks of this weird drought, it’s finally starting to snow at Mt. Bachelor! So it’s on the road to recovery. But while we’d all like to have some more snow to play with in town, there are some positive things about not having to deal with it as much as usual, even in a neighborhood where they remove it for you…


1. No ice and no cinders on the roads, and that means no new potholes!

2. You can get your car washed today and it will still look relatively good tomorrow.

3. The mountain biking and running trails are almost in peak form around Tetherow, nice and firm with just a few muddy spots to avoid. And you can have the trail pretty much to yourself.

4. You can ride your road bike without looking like Nanook of the North.

5. You can eat lunch al fresco at The Lot or by the fire at 10 Barrel.

6. Pine needles are a good substitute for snow angels.

7. You can send eat-your-heart-out Instagrams to friends and family back East.

8. You can hike Misery Ridge at Smith Rock in shorts and a t-shirt.

9. Golf season can’t be too far away, can it?

10. Craft beer tastes good no matter what the weather is doing.

The point is, Bend is great regardless of whether it’s snowing when it’s supposed to be. And chances are, as soon as you put away your skis and snowshoes, that’s when it will finally dump again.